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Return Goods Policy

The primary goal of the HHS SSC Return Goods Policy is to provide efficient and effective service to our customers. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Return Goods Policy and the steps required when returning a product to Perry Point.

All requests for return authorization must be reported to the Customer Service Branch by telephone or fax.

1. ELIGIBLE Items for Return and/or Credit

  • Quality Deficiencies

Deficiencies in design, specifications, material, manufacturing, and workmanship.

  • Product Recall

Recall notices per instructions stated on recall.

  • Customer Ordering Error

Wrong item and/or incorrect quantity.

  • SSC Shipping error or Order Processing Error

Wrong item, incorrect quantity; and/or right item, incorrect quantity.

  • Overstocked

With the following conditions: SSC purchased items only, must have 12 months dating remaining, item must still be stocked at SSC, and must be in original unopened package. SSC will not accept damaged, refrigerated, hazardous, or controlled items.

  • Duplicate shipment of Product
  • Product Received Damaged or Had Concealed Damage

The following information is required to file claim against carrier:

  • What carrier was responsible;
  • Date/time damaged item was received; and
  • What items were damaged.

2. INELIGIBLE Items for Return and/or credit

  • Items with Less than 12 Months Remaining Until Expiration
  • Items Requiring Refrigeration
  • Hazardous Items
  • Items totaling Less than $50.00 in Value

3. Returning of Material

Please call the Customer Service Department to report all claims within 5 working days or receipt of order. the Customer Service Department will be responsible for evaluating and authorizing return of products in question. Upon SSC authorization, a Return Goods Packed will be faxed/mailed to the customer. The packet will contain and instruction sheet and a return goods form. Please note the completed information on the form pertains specifically to your initial request. Customers need to return items promptly within the time frame stated on the Return Goods Authorization Form. All credits will be issued at the current market price.



“The primary goal of the HHS SSC Return Goods Policy is to provide efficient and effective service to our customers”



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