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Supply Service Center History

By Executive Order of President Warren G. Harding, dated April 29, 1922, a number of PHS Hospitals were turned over to the newly created Veterans Administration. In that same executive order, President Harding specified that buildings and supplies at the USPHS Purveying Depots in North Chicago and In Perryville, Maryland be allocated between the Public Health Service and the Veterans Administration, based upon their future needs.

As a result of this action, all PHS supply operations were consolidated into several buildings on the grounds of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Perry Point, Maryland and renamed the PHS Supply Station. In 1953, when the Public Health Service became part of the newly formed Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the station was renamed the PHS Medical Supply Depot. It retained this name until 1964 when it was redesignated as the PHS Supply Service Center, now known as the HHS (Health & Human Services) Supply Service Center.

The Health and Human Services, Supply Service Center (HHS SSC) is located in Perry Point, Maryland, 90 miles north of Washington, DC. The HHS Supply Service Center is a government owned and operated medical supply depot.

The HHS SSC is operated and managed by the Program Support Center’s Strategic Acquisition Service (SAS), division of Supply Management. The Program Support Center (PSC) is organizationally located in the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management(ASAM) Division in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Center is a national and international source of pharmaceutical, medical and dental supplies for the worldwide health care facilities of the Department of Health and Human Services and other Federal Agencies.

Customers range from the Washington DC area, National Institute of Health and St. Elizabeth’s, to the geographically dispersed Indian Health Service, Peace Corps, State Department Embassies and U.S. AID, Department of Interior, Pacific Basin, Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice, and Department of Transportation.

Supply Service Center Mission Statement

The Mission of the HHS Supply Service Center is to implement and manage a quality, timely, reliable and cost effective supply system. This system provides equal service to all customers worldwide, to ensure that health care providers have the pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and other material required to provide quality health care.



“The Mission of the HHS Supply Service Center is to implement and manage a quality, timely, reliable and cost effective supply system.”



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